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Robert E Flynn III is a software-developer, author and musician from San Antonio, TX. He is living with his beautiful fiancé, Claudia, whose delightful, positive outlook on life has given him the motivation to finish this work. He has two wonderful children, Caitlin and Zachary, who are grown and exploring their own fantastic lives. He has spent his entire life pursuing creative endeavors. Music was his first love and still is, and writing was always part of his life.
Robert lived in Austin, Texas for many years and was part of the music scene in the city during that time. He was a member of several bands during those days and tremendously enjoyed playing live in many venues in the music rich area. Music is a great example of our creativity, which speaks to the Creation of all things. He also lived in Denver, Colorado for several years when his children were young and then relocated back to San Antonio, Texas to be close to family.
Night of the Living Dead was recorded at Salmon Peak Studio in San Antonio, Texas. Mark Sinko acted as the recording engineer and also contributed a guitar part on the song. Robert Flynn’s longest friend, Brian “Red” Moore played bass on the track as well. Brian is the lead recording engineer at Q Productions in Corpus Christi, Texas. Q Productions is owned by the famous music artist, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez’s father. Brian also plays bass and sings on most of the tracks I currently have on Soundcloud. In addition to Brian, other contributors and long time friends are on these recordings also. Jerry Bazil, from Michigan, plays drums on several tracks. Bobby Lancaster, from Texas, plays drums on several tracks as well. Also, Joe Mota, from Texas, plays keyboards on several tracks (Sadly, Joe is no longer with us, but he was a genius in many ways musically and an inspiration to me).
I play keyboards, guitar, drums and vocals throughout these tracks.


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